This guide is intended to show Procurement Officers how to search for a specific Vendor in eMMA, as well as the Vendor’s address, Tax ID, contact names, and other Vendor information.

Star with solid fillPRO TIP: It is a best practice to first search for a Vendor using the Browse Vendors page and the tax ID to return the most accurate profile.

NOTE: For best results, use the Google Chrome browser to access eMMA.

IMPORTANT!! If you are unsure which Vendor is the right vendor, PLEASE ask helpdesk to check for you.
You can reach them at emma.helpdesk@maryland.gov

Step-by-Step Instructions

Use Vendor’s Tax ID in Search

The best way to search for a Vendor in eMMA is to use the Vendor’s tax ID in the Browse Vendors page. This returns accurate results and helps avoid misidentifying Vendors in things like solicitations, and contracts. This process shows how to search for a Vendor using their tax ID and how to find any child/remit-to profiles associated with the main record.
Star with solid fill PRO TIP: To clear the fields quickly, click the Reset button.

  1. Access eMMA at https://emma.maryland.gov and log in with your credentials.

    NOTE: Depending on your agency, you may only need to click the State SSO Login (Secure Auth) button or the MDOT SSO Login (MSAzure) button and log in with your credentials.

  2. Click the Vendors tab at the top of the webpage and click the Browse Vendors option from the drop-down menu that opens. The Browse Vendors search fields are displayed, with the Entity filter (which limits the search to parent companies) selected by default.
    The Vendors tab and the Browse Vendors option in the drop-down menu.
    1. (Optional) To broaden your search to include “child” companies as well as parent companies, click the X to remove the entity filter and click the Search button. This gives you the parent profiles and any “child” or remit-to addresses that may be associated with that parent profile.
      The X to the right of the Entity filter at the top of the page.

  3. If you know the Vendor’s Tax ID, type it in the Keywords field, then click the Search button.
    The Keywords field and the Search button. 
  4. The list of Vendors retrieved by your search is displayed. Notice the following details in the list: 
    1. The Mail Code column shows which Vendor is the parent record (with mail code 000) and which are the child records (with mail codes 001 and above).
    2. The Status column shows which Vendors have “Active” status (and can be added to contracts) and which are merely “Registered” or “Inactive” (and cannot be added to contracts). 
      The Mail Code column and the Status column in the returned Vendor results.

      IMPORTANT!! Only the parent records (with mail code 000) can be used for contracts or sourcing. The child/site records are for payment uses only.

  5. Click the appropriate Edit (pencil) icon, the code link, or the company name link to display the Vendor record you wish to view.
    The Edit or pencil icon to access a vendor record.

Next Steps

To learn about how to navigate a Vendor profile, see the QRG Vendor Profile Features.