This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is intended for Vendors and any non-State employees. It contains instructions that show Vendors and non-State employees how to log in to eMaryland Marketplace Advantage, eMMA.

NOTE: If you are a Buyer, see How to Log In to eMMA QRG for login instructions.
If you are part of MDOT, see the MDOT End User QRG.

Step-by-Step Instructions

When you are invited to log in to eMMA, you receive an email invitation with a link to the eMMA home page. At the eMMA home page, enter your login address and password in the fields provided and click Login.

Once logged in, you can then view solicitations, add them to your profile, and perform other tasks.

If you do not have an invitation email, complete these steps to log in.

NOTE: A red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

  1. Navigate to eMMA at emma.maryland.gov
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, enter your email address, the address you used when you created the account, in the Login field.
    The Login field on the landing page.

  3. Enter your eMMA password in the Password field. (If you forgot your password, click Lost your
    to reset it.)

    The Password field and the Lost your password link.

  1. Click the Login button.

    The Login button.


You’ve successfully logged in to eMMA. If you have any problems during this process please email the helpdesk, emma.helpdesk@maryland.gov