This QRG is intended to show a user with the Fiscal Tech role how to submit an Invoice against a Purchase Order (PO) for approval in the eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA).

If you’re no longer invoicing against your PO, but still have funds left over, follow the Close Purchase Order QRG to close it and unencumber the remaining balance.

IMPORTANT!! Once a PO is fully invoiced against, eMMA automatically closes it.
Star with solid fillPRO TIP: It is a best practice to create the Receipt before creating an Invoice in eMMA. If there is an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) from a Vendor, then you do not need to create the Receipt. Navigate to your purchase order and click the Receipts tab on the left-hand side panel to see any drafted or approved receipts.

A purchase order in eMMA and the Receipts tab for an order.

NOTE: For best results, use the Google Chrome browser to access eMMA.

If you need help at any time, please reach out to the eMMA helpdesk at emma.helpdesk@maryland.gov.


You will need a scanned copy of the Invoice saved on your device.

Step-by-Step Instructions

NOTE: This QRG uses diagrams with specific callouts to show required and optional fields in forms. A yellow callout with a red border null indicates a required field, while yellow callouts with a black border null indicate optional fields. Letters within the callouts correspond to the explanations below the diagram. A red asterisk (*) indicates a required field in the eMMA interface. 

  1. Access eMMA at https://emma.maryland.gov and log in with your credentials.

    NOTE: Depending on your agency, you may only need to click the State SSO Login (Secure Auth) button or the MDOT SSO Login (MSAzure) button and log in with your credentials.

  2. Click the Procurement tab at the top of the webpage and click Browse Orders from the drop-down menu that opens.
    The Procurement tab at the top of the webpage and the Browse Orders option in the drop-down menu that opens.

  3. Use the search fields and Search button at the top of the Browse Orders page to locate the Purchase Order and click the Edit (pencil) icon to the left of the Purchase Order #.The Edit or pencil icon for a purchase order on the Browse Order page.

  4. Click the Other Actions button at the top of the page and select the Create Voucher option from the drop-down menu that opens.
    The Other Actions button and the Create Voucher option in the drop-down menu that displays.

  5. Enter information in the fields Voucher header section. Some fields may not be editable.

    NOTE: In this user interface the asterisks are misplaced. The asterisks belong to the right of the field label.

    A diagram of the fields for a Voucher.
    1. Vendor Invoice Number(*): Enter the number from the Vendor’s invoice in this field.
    2. Invoice Date (*): Click this field and select the date on the Vendor’s invoice.
    3. Invoice Receipt Date:This field auto-populates with today’s date. Enter the actual date this invoice was received.
      1. For invoices that are mailed, when a proper invoice is received by the department, as of the date the department annotates the invoice with the date and time of receipt or;
      2. For invoices electronically transmitted, on the date the transmission is received by the department or the next business day.
    4. Organization (*): This field auto-populates. Click this field to change the organization if necessary.
    5. Voucher Type: This field auto-populates with Standard Invoice as the default selection.
    6. Due Date: Once you click Save in Step 7 this field auto-populates to 30 days from the date on the invoice. 

      If this invoice needs to be paid sooner than 30 days, You or the Fiscal Officer can edit this field to be sooner than the required 30-day period.

    7. Payment Terms: Payment terms are auto-populated from Vendor Records, Contracts and Purchase Orders. Review the payment term and update this field if necessary.
    8. Payment Type: This field auto-populates to Check. There is no other option at this time.
    9. Payment Date: This field auto-populates once the disbursement file comes back from RStars.
    10. Vendor Remit-To Address (*):Vendor Remit-To Address: Click this field to select an option from the drop-down menu that opens.

      NOTE: If you don’t see the correct Remit-To Address listed, click the See All option to search for the address. If that Remit-To Address does not exist, you can add it to the system. However, keep in mind that this process takes time to complete. You must also have the appropriate documentation to submit.
      1. +Create a new Payment Address button: (Optional) Only click this if you are prepared to add the new Remit-to Address for the Vendor. Adding a Remit-To address will take time to complete. You will also need an invoice with that address on it to upload to eMMA for evidentiary purposes.

  6. Scroll horizontally to the far-right side of the page and click the Click or Drag to add a file button to add the submitted invoice from the Vendor.

    NOTE: You can only upload files less than 307,200 KB.

    The Click or Drag to add a file button to upload an invoice.

  7. Click the Save button at the top of the screen.
    The Save button at the top of the webpage.

  8. Scroll down to the Voucher Items section and adjust the fields to match the submitted invoice.

    IMPORTANT!! Do not delete line items! Deleting line items breaks the link between the purchase order and the invoice and causes OK2Pay to fail for ALL invoices in the batch, not just the invoice with the deleted line item. If you don’t need a line item in the list, simply set the Quantity field (b) to zero for that item.
    The fields for a line item.
    1. Item Name: This auto-populates from the purchase order.
    2. QTY: Change the quantity here, if needed.
    3. UOM: This Unit of Measure field auto-populates from the purchase order.
    4. UP Pretax: This Unit Price Pretax field auto-populates from the purchase order.
    5. Amount: This field gives you the total dollar amount of your item based on quantity and unit price pretax.

  9. Click the Save button at the top of the webpage. IMPORTANT!! This step makes sure any allocations are brought over from the purchase order. Without the PO allocations, you will not be able to submit for payment.

  10. Click the Launch Voucher workflow button at the top of the screen and click OK in the prompt that opens.
    The Launch Voucher workflow button at the top of the webpage.

The workflow transmits the Voucher to the PO requester to confirm receipt of the goods or services.