Attention State Vendors:


Please see the information below from the Maryland General Assembly's Office of Legislative Audits (OLA) with information about how you can help protect the integrity of State government procurements and contracts by reporting fraud to OLA. OLA operates a toll-free fraud hotline for vendors to report allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse in State government procurements and contracts.


OLA is committed to stopping fraudsters to promote open competition and protect the integrity of State government procurements, but we need your help. Be on the lookout for indicators of fraud, such as the following.


  • Suspicious bidding patterns and trends
  • State procurement solicitations tailored in favor of a particular vendor
  • Favoritism and conflicts of interest between State employees and vendors
  • Unjustified sole source procurements
  • Vendors using losing bidders as subcontractors 
  • Questionable procurement practices and contract awards
  • Suspicious vendors and shell companies
  • Unqualified or poor performing vendors that continue to receive contracts


If you notice any questionable activities involving State procurements and contracts, please contact OLA’s fraud hotline at 877-FRAUD-11 (877-372-8311) or report allegations over a secure connection at


What allegations should be reported to OLA?

  • Irregularities with State contracts and procurements
  • Conflicts of interest between State employees and vendors
  • Kickbacks from vendors on State contracts
  • Use of shell companies
  • Inflated contract prices
  • Corruption within State government
  • Bid rigging
  • Collusive bidding
  • Bid rotation
  • Rigged procurement specifications
  • Change order abuse
  • Unjustified sole source procurements
  • Failure to meet contract specifications


The information you provide will be handled under confidentiality requirements established by State law and OLA policy. You may remain anonymous; however, you also have the option to provide your name and contact information so OLA may contact you if additional questions arise as your allegations are evaluated.


To learn more about OLA’s fraud hotline, including answers to frequently asked questions, visit its website at


Office of Legislative Audits
Fraud Investigation Unit
The Warehouse at Camden Yards
351 West Camden Street, Suite 400
 Baltimore, MD 21201


The Office of Legislative Audits is an independent, nonpartisan agency that provides audit services to the Maryland General Assembly in its oversight capacity