Maryland’s Green Purchasing Requirements 

Pursuant to COMAR, procurement agencies are required to purchase environmentally preferable products and services. In order to fulfill this requirement, procurement officers must include the Maryland Green Purchasing Specifications into their solicitation, when available. 

To determine if a Green Purchasing Specification is available for your commodity or service, please review the below listing (also available for download in Excel or PDF below). This table includes direct links to the specifications which should then be included in your solicitation as an attachment. 

If a green purchasing specification is included in your solicitation, be sure to clearly identify it as such in the eMMA posting, as well as mark your contract award record as "Yes" for “Green Contract” when posting.  


Grass and forage seeds and seedlings10151700Landscaping Plants
Flower seeds and bulbs and seedlings and cuttings10151900Landscaping Plants
Tree and shrub seeds and cuttings10152000Landscaping Plants
Trees and shrubs10161500Landscaping Plants
Floral plants10161600Landscaping Plants
Non flowering plants10161800Landscaping Plants
Printing and writing paper14111500Office Supplies
Novelty paper14111600Office Supplies
Personal paper products14111700Office Supplies
Business use papers14111800Office Supplies
Paperboard and packaging papers14121500Office Supplies
Laminated papers14121700Office Supplies
Coated papers14121800Office Supplies
Newsprint and offset papers14121900Office Supplies
Uncoated base papers14122100Office Supplies
Specialty industrial use papers14122200Office Supplies
Packaging boxes and bags and pouches24121500General Specification
Packaging cans24121800General Specification
Bottles24122000General Specification
Lamps and lightbulbs39101600Lighting
Interior lighting fixtures and accessories39111500Lighting
Exterior lighting fixtures and accessories39111600Lighting
Personal communication devices43191500Electronic and IT Products
Computers43211500Electronic and IT Products
Computer printers43212100Electronic and IT Products
Telephony equipment43222800Electronic and IT Products
Duplicating machines44101500Electronic and IT Products
Office supplies44120000Office Supplies
Writing instruments44121700Office Supplies
Folders and binders and indexes44122000Office Supplies
Phone and video conference equipment and hardware and controllers45111900Electronic and IT Products
Washing and drying equipment47111500Appliances
Cleaning and janitorial carts and accessories47121500Janitorial Supplies
Floor machines and accessories47121600Janitorial Supplies
Waste containers and accessories47121700Janitorial Supplies
Cleaning equipment47121800Janitorial Supplies
Cleaning equipment accessories47121900Janitorial Supplies
Cleaning rags and cloths and wipes47131500Janitorial Supplies
Brooms and mops and brushes and accessories47131600Janitorial Supplies
Restroom supplies47131700Janitorial Supplies
Cleaning and disinfecting solutions47131800Janitorial Supplies
Absorbents47131900Janitorial Supplies
Cleaning kits47132100Janitorial Supplies
Cooking and warming equipment48101500Janitorial Supplies
Food preparation equipment48101600Janitorial Supplies
Liquid vending machines48111000Appliances
Piece and part vending machines48111100Appliances
Eggs and egg substitutes50131600Food Service Supplies
Industrial Cleaning Services76000000Janitorial Services
Refuse disposal and treatment76120000Janitorial Services