Dear Vendor Community,

As we have previously communicated, the State of Maryland is implementing new processes supporting Vendor Registration & Set-Up and Vendor Maintenance through its new electronic Procure to Pay system, eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA). We want to share more specific details regarding how this will impact you as a Vendor to the State of Maryland:

1.1. Vendors will need to proactively manage their contacts in eMMA to ensure the State has accurate company information.

1.1.1.  The Vendor Admin role will take on greater security responsibility, serving as the ONLY authorized representative capable of entering or changing vendor record information, including managing any certification renewals or legal documents.

1.1.2.  A new Trusted Advisor contact will be REQUIRED to set up or change any banking or payment information.

1.1.3.  The Trusted Advisor may be the same as an existing Vendor contact, i.e., Vendor Admin, if desired.

1.1.4.  Other contact role types (Sales, Marketing, Primary Contact) will remain unaffected.

1.2. Vendors will play an active role in completing their onboarding process in the event of a contract award or other payment engagement with the State.

1.2.1. During any onboarding or change request process, the status will be visible at the top of the company profile’s header page.

1.2.2. These new automated processes will include steps for the Vendor to complete, (for example, The submission of legal documents such as W-9 forms, or banking documents such as a copy of a blank check). 

1.3. Data security measures have been implemented to limit access to sensitive vendor information.

1.3.1.  Vendor Admins will be the exclusive contact/user of a supplier to initiate, view, or change company information.

1.3.2.  Trusted Advisors will be the exclusive contact of a supplier to authenticate new or changing banking information.

1.3.3.  State eMMA users are restricted from viewing company EINs with the exception of those with profiles in an approval capacity for onboarding or change request purposes.

1.3.4.  Only the Comptroller Admin State eMMA users will be able to view vendor banking data.

Training support will include instructor-led online courses, Quick Reference Guides, and Training Videos, which will be available to you to ensure you know how to utilize the eMMA portal. Additional communications with more training details will be sent soon.

If you have any questions regarding this email or the eMMA Project, please contact the eMMA Project Team at

Thank you,

The eMMA Project Team