Dear Vendor Coordinators, 


As previously communicated, we are excited to announce eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA) is releasing new functionality that impacts the Vendor Registration, Set-Up Process, and Vendor Maintenance Process. To support your use and adoption, please see the below information on the new features and how they will impact your day-to-day Vendor Coordinator tasks.


What will be changing?

  1. Changes to Existing Vendor Records: Instead of completing the manual 710 Form and sending it to GAD, Vendor Coordinators will now initiate the change request in the eMMA portal.
  2. Changes to Vendor Banking Information: Vendor Coordinators will initiate the request in the eMMA portal which will then send a notice to the Vendor for action.

What will stay the same?

  1. Requests for New Vendor Record Setup: You will continue with the same process as you do today.


Training support, including a User Guide and Quick Reference Guides, will be available prior to the release.  Our next communication will share more details about how to sign up for training.

If you have any questions regarding this email or the eMMA Project, please contact the eMMA Project Team at

Thank you,

 The eMMA Project Team