Dear Procurement Officers,


As previously communicated, we are excited to announce eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA) is releasing new functionality that impacts the Vendor Registration, Set-Up Process, and Vendor Maintenance Process. To support your use and adoption, please see the below information on the new features and how they will impact your day-to-day procurement tasks.


1.    Buyer/Procurement Officer users in eMMA will see new features to supplier records, including:

        1.1.1.   A Supplier Overview tab to show the progress of Supplier’s account from Registration through the 

        Activated state.

        1.1.2.   New functionality buttons for Creating a Change Request and Creating a Payment Address.

        1.1.3.   New alerts/messages related to the onboarding or change request process.

        1.1.4.   New Sections on the Company Information tab: Backup Withholding and Trusted Advisor.

        1.1.5.   Agency and Vendor Coordinator assignments on Qualifications and Contacts tabs for Activated 


        1.1.6.   Additional sections for uploads in the Documents tab: Legal Documents and Bank Documents.

        1.1.7.   Additional workflow steps for onboarding in the Workflow tab.

        1.1.8.   A new Interface Status tab to reflect the vendor record’s presence in RSTARS.

        1.1.9.   A new Change Request tab to view/access current or prior changes to the vendor record.

1.2    Buyer/Procurement Officers at FMIS-Interfacing Agencies will initiate in eMMA the Vendor Onboarding process  in the course of any contract award if the awardee is in anything other than an Activated Status.

        1.2.1.  Buyer/Procurement Officer users will no longer contact the eMMA Helpdesk to request an 

        awardee’s status be changed to Activated.

        1.2.2.  Buyer/Procurement Officer users will need to review and understand the general vendor 

        onboarding process as he/she will: Receive system notifications of onboarding workflow status. May need to communicate actions for the vendor to perform at the initiation. Buyer/Procurement Officer users will need to assign a Vendor Coordinator contact as part of 

        initiating vendor onboarding.

Training support will include updates to the Procurement Officer User Guide and new Quick Reference Guides which will be shared prior to the release.

If you have any questions regarding this email or the eMMA Project, please contact the eMMA Project Team at

Thank you,

The eMMA Project Team