We have an Announcement! Based on feedback received from impacted stakeholders, eMMA Release 1.2 will be implemented in phases. Our roll-out will be in three phases as described below:


Agencies Impacted

Agency List

Anticipated Go Live Date


Agencies that enter new vendors or change vendor records directly into State FMIS RSTARS.

*Please see Attachment at the bottom*

December 2021


Agencies that utilize an agency-specific ERP system that interfaces into State FMIS to create or change a vendor record

C00 - Judiciary

J01 - Department of Transportation

J02 - State Highway Administration

J03 - Maryland Port Administration

J04 - Motor Vehicle Administration

J05 - Mass Transit Administration

J06 - State Aviation Administration

J07 - Maryland Transportation Authority

R13 - Morgan State University

R14 - St Mary’s College

R23 - Bowie State University

R24 - Towson University

R26 - Frostburg State University

R27 - Coppin State College

R28 - University of Baltimore

R29 - Salisbury University

R30 - UMS Clearing Account

R31 - Baltimore City Campus

R32 - College Park Campus

R35 - Eastern Shore Campus

R40 - University College

R41 - Baltimore County Campus

1st Quarter 2022


Agencies that enter new vendors or change vendor records in State FMIS RSTARS but also have programs that routinely interface with State FMIS RSTARS to create or change vendor records

E00 - Office of the Comptroller 

F10 - Department of Budget & Management

M00 - Department of Health

N00 - Department of Human Services

R00 - Department of Education

2nd Quarter 2022

A phased approach will allow for consideration of interfacing Agencies’ current state processes and requirements.  

What’s Next?

  • For Phase 1 Agencies that will be going live in December, the training calendar and registration links will be sent out soon to prepare you for how Release 1.2 will affect your Vendor Set-Up and ongoing Vendor maintenance responsibilities.
  • For Phase 2 and 3 Agencies, a member of the eMMA project team will be reaching out to representatives from your Agency to schedule discovery sessions to learn more about your Agency-specific processes and interfaces.

If you have any questions about the new update, please contact the eMMA Project Team at: dgs.emmaprojectteam@maryland.gov.


Thank you,

The eMMA Project Team