eMMA Outreach Network Q&A 

                            (Collected from October’s eON Meetings & eMMA Project Inbox)


Q: I try to log into EMMA and am told that my login does not exist. I have contacted the help desk but was told vendor coordinators do not need access at this time. Is this still the case? I'm afraid the time will come when I won't be able to complete a GAD 710 and will have no EMMA login.

A: All current FMIS Vendor Coordinators will have a new eMMA account established for them for the December release. You do not need to separately request a user account now. A Vendor Coordinator account is not available until Release 1.2 is live. 


Q: Will any vendor fields on the 750 byte R*Stars interface file need to be handled differently in order to use (newer) vendors that were entered in eMMA, as opposed to older vendors that were entered in R*Stars (and copied to eMMA)? For example, what do we do with the mail code field on the interface file if mail codes are not in eMMA? Will all of the current 2-digit PDTs remain as is?

A: There are no changes to the way the Transaction (750 byte) interface file works, the mail code field will remain the same. The mail code will also be available in eMMA. All PDTs will be the same and remain 2 bytes.


Q: So, the vendor would fill out all the information for a 710? That will no longer run through local departments?

A: Both the Vendor and Vendor Coordinator will have the ability to enter Vendor records into eMMA.  


Q: What is the difference between Phase 2 and 3?

A: The differences are based on the type of Agency and how they add or change Vendors. Please see below:


Agencies Impacted


Agencies that enter new vendors or change vendor records directly into State FMIS RSTARS.


Agencies that utilize an agency-specific ERP system that interfaces into State FMIS to create or change a vendor record


Agencies that enter new vendors or change vendor records in State FMIS RSTARS but also have programs that routinely interface with State FMIS RSTARS to create or change vendor records


Q: Sometimes we have vendors that change their address and are doing business as another name. Can they be educated on properly completing that as they don't get paid as the address is different? They need some assistance.

A: Yes! The workflow for change requests in eMMA for both a business name change and an address change contains tool tips and alerts to guide the user to enter the correct information.  


Q: Will we still need to have an ADPICS vendor coordinator?

A: Yes.


Q: Has a vendor beta group been identified to test the system and procedures? If so, how were they identified and selected?

A: No, within testing activities, we assign a tester with a vendor profile and run test scripts to emulate a vendor's activities, such as registering and adding pertinent information about the company.


Q: Is eMMA for use for vendors who the state may only do business once?

A: No – for Release 1.2, Agencies should continue the one-time Vendor process through RSTARS, or as currently established within their Agency.


Q: Each time you saved it said Data not saved. and some other things in Red. Should we be concerned?

A: No reason for concern – the demo was completed in a test environment. We appreciate your attentiveness!  


Q: How does a vendor report a possible bug?

A: Vendors can reach out to: emma.helpdesk@maryland.gov


Q: Will there be a public document of Lessons Learned on each phase?

A: That's a good suggestion we'll take into consideration. Presently, we do intend to have numerous training materials and an FAQ for users.


Q: Were there Day-in-the-Life interviews before training and procedures were identified?

A: GAD provided information pertaining to the vendor management procedures.


Q: I would like to follow up to see if there is a plan to reschedule the show and tell?

A: Yes, a new invite for the rescheduled Show and Tells will be coming out shortly.   


Q: Will the Familiarization Sessions be in-person or virtual session?

A: The Familiarization sessions will be virtual.


Q: Hi everyone, the DGS eMMA August meeting showed the layout of the new eMMA site. However, when I access the eMMA site, it still displays like the old site. Do I need new log in detail to view the new site? Or has it not yet taken effect for users/procurement.

A: Users will not observe the new features until R1.2 goes live in December.


Q: Is it possible to change the email subject line stating it is an amendment or the actual Round and not "New Solicitation Invitation"? Also, when uploading the amendment, it provides the option for a summary, but it does not show in the email or solicitation. It's the same generic email sent during the initial posting, and the emails are not illustrated in the Vendor QRG's; so how will a vendor, new to the system, know that the Round is listed in the bullets.

A: The notifications are system standard ones, however, when you 'Send' to your Invited Vendors list, you DO have the ability to edit the body text within that window.  


Q: Should I have an eMMA Icon for this new program?

A: If you are a current eMMA user that logs in via Single Sign On (SSO), then yes, you will see an eMMA icon on the Connect MD portal to enter the system. 


Q: Two questions, 1) Who should be assigned a trusted advisor within our agency? Can the vendor coordinator also be the trusted advisor? 2) What is the basis of the trusted advisor in confirming the validation of vendor changes when contacted by GAD?

A: The Trusted Advisor Role will be assigned to a Vendor. This role will be required to set up or change any banking or payment information. The Trusted Advisor may be the same as an existing Vendor contact, i.e., Vendor Admin, if desired. Trusted Advisors will be the exclusive contact of a supplier to authenticate new or changing banking information.


Q: I am trying to log in to eMMA and am denied access. My title is Fiscal Technician II and secondary vendor coordinator.

A: All current FMIS Vendor Coordinators will have a new eMMA account established for them for the December release. You do not need to separately request a user account now. A Vendor Coordinator account is not available until Release 1.2 is live. 


Q: If we receive an invoice for payment from a vendor but the vendor does not update eMMA timely for their payment to be made will the state timelines for payment be adjusted to reflect that? Will we be able to print something from eMMA to show that we were waiting on the vendor to complete their information?

A: An invoice will not be able to move forward on an incomplete vendor record in eMMA. In other words, the record would not be available to begin such a process.  


In terms of the statutory timeline of 30 days to pay the clock wouldn’t begin ticking until the vendor has made it possible to pay – i.e., submitted a complete invoice AND has completed their vendor record in eMMA.