eMMA Outreach Network Q&A

                         (Collected from August & September eON Meetings & eMMA Project Inbox)


Q: What if the Vendor has multiple locations and wants payments sent to the multiple locations?

A: eMMA can accommodate multiple remit to addresses for a single Vendor.  


Q: Is it quicker for the Vendor to get through the approval process if they submit directly?

A: For non-interfacing Vendors, there are multiple advantages to the Vendor submitting their information directly into eMMA. First, the Vendor will be able to manage their information directly, which will decrease touch points with the State. Secondly, the Vendor Coordinators will be able to shift to a review of the submitted information, away from data entry. Of course, the option still exists for the State Vendor Coordinator to enter the information on behalf of the Vendor.  


Q: What's the eMMA equivalent to FMIS mail codes?

A: The Remit to Address within the eMMA Vendor Profile.


Q: Will vendors receive new vendor IDs, or will they continue to be based on the tax ID?

A: Yes! Vendors created within eMMA will receive a new Vendor ID labeling convention to move away from utilizing Tax ID within the Vendor number.    


Q: We are an interfacing agency - can we prevent the vendor from changing their address? Otherwise, we will not have a record of the new address.

A: Interfacing Agency Vendors will not have the ability to self-serve in eMMA.  Any changes to Interfacing Agency Vendors will go through the Interfacing Agency Vendor Coordinator who will be able to initiate that change in eMMA, in addition to ensuring the change is made in the Interfacing Agency System. The exception to this relates to any banking changes for Interfacing Agency Vendors, which will have a defined process where they directly submit changes through eMMA.


Q: Currently GAD requires 51 & 52 print screen, an invoice, and W-9 to process a 710. Will the same backup be required and will the Vendors DL their invoice along with the W-9?

A: We have built all Comptroller requirements into the new eMMA workflow processes for Vendor Maintenance. The User will still be required to upload supporting documentation such as a W-9, etc.


Q: Is there an inclusive list of Vendor Coordinators available? 

A: We have arrived at an internal list of Vendor Coordinators.   


Q: When and how will vendors be communicated with regarding the implementation of the portal?

A: The eMMA Project Team sends out email communications to Vendors regarding any changes that affect them directly. Training specific to the Vendor’s roles is also being developed and will be shared with Vendors.


Q: Can the standardized USPS address be overridden? Is there a physical address and mailing address?

A: We have controls built into the system that help us to arrive at the appropriate mailing address. There are multiple types of addresses for a Vendor within the eMMA Vendor record.  


Q: Currently, I am the ADPICS Vendor Coordinator and only add new vendors on the ADPICS side of FMIS for invoices paid via a purchase order. Other than that, we just process the payments in FMIS. We process purchase orders, direct vouchers, and inter-agency payments. If we aren't part of the procurement process or add vendors in R*Stars, does any of this pertain to us? 

A: Absolutely, as an ADPICS Vendor Coordinator the eMMA Release 1.2 your role. We will have additional information on the specific responsibilities and how you will use the tool in the upcoming months.  


Q: Just a quick question, for the POC, SME and Super Users, should there be one at each location (Like Local or County offices) or are these requests for HQ's/main offices of Agency's? 

A: It depends on your Agency scope and size.


Q: As vendor coordinators are we now able to change addresses versus previously GAD-710, but GAD will be responsible for generating new mail codes?

A: Yes, as a Vendor Coordinator utilizing eMMA you will be able to initiate a change request for various Vendor information. The Change Request will still require supporting documentation and will be automatically routed through GAD for approval.  


Q: From the communications sent, two roles (i.e., the Vendor Admin role and Trusted Advisor role) will need to be identified to ensure vendors can proactively manage their contracts and the State has accurate information in eMMA. Within the Company Info > Contacts field, I noticed a “Trusted Advisor” role is not one of the available options. Can you please clarify where (and by when) we should be making these changes within the eMMA portal?

A: You will be able to view The Trusted Advisor role upon implementation of Release 1.2.  


Q: If I am understanding this the Vendor Coordinator will for the most part verifying information that the vendors enter in the system?

A: That is accurate. The Vendor Coordinator will be reviewing and validating information as its submitted by the Vendor.


Q: How does entering a residential (in-state) vendor change the process?

A: All Vendors that will be utilizing eMMA will follow the same process.  


Q: On our "vendor payment" interfaces, some vendors bypass the vendor table, as indicated by a vendor # starting with F or S. Will that process change?

A: No, one-time Vendors indicated with a Vendor prefix of F or S will continue to operate as they currently do upon implementation of Release 1.2.


Q: Will eMMA process all FMIS payments and invoice processing?

A: Currently Release 1.2 will focus on the implementation of the state-wide Vendor Table. Release 2.0 will focus on the payment/invoice processing elements in FMIS.


Q: Will you be able to look up vendor payments the same way in FMIS? Go to the 85 screen and see the payments?

A: Yes, this functionality will remain unchanged at this time.  


Q: When will this process become effective? 

A: Continue to read our eON Newsletters for weekly project updates, including the 1.2 Go Live Date.  


Q: Will interfacing agencies be able to update vendors directly in EMMA?

A: Yes.  


Q: Will interfacing agencies need to change the file formats that we send? If so, when will we get the requirements?

A: At this time, all interfaces will remain unchanged and will continue to interface between the Agency and FMIS R*STARS.  


Q: What is the impact on mail codes?

A: There will be a shift from the concept of mail codes to the Remit To Address in the Vendor Profile.  


Q: Can we get a list of dates for future meetings? 

A: Yes, the upcoming meetings will be listed in the eON Weekly Newsletter.


Q: Can you please let us know how the latest features of eMMA will affect our ability to search for solicitations that are relevant to our services, and also our ability to see forecasts of work.

A: Release 1.2 adds new capabilities for managing your Supplier record in the system only and will not affect or change your current ability or process to search for solicitations or forecast opportunities.

Q: Is there anything we have to do right now regarding the new changes for vendors?

A: Please ensure your company's contact/user information in your Supplier record in eMMA is up-to-date. There are no other tasks to perform for the upcoming changes at this time.

Q: My Maryland representative forwarded your announcement of this program, and we are considering participating, but first I have a couple of questions: Is there a cost associated with our involvement with this program? Is this similar to the PA COSTARS program? The COSTARS program allows state entities to register to purchase from approved vendors. The vendors submit a bid to the state with agreed upon pricing that permits registered entities to purchase equipment without having to go our for a public bid. Is this a new or existing program?

A: eMMA is not a program but rather, Maryland's eProcurement software application. eMMA is the platform by which State entities/Agencies source, solicit, and award procurement opportunities. Any Maryland government entity is eligible to use eMMA to complete their Source-to-Contract activities. Vendors interested in being notified of and responding to open opportunities register with eMMA to create a business account in the system to facilitate this process. eMMA is free to use for all parties. If you are inquiring about the use of Maryland's Master or Statewide Contracts by other State governments, please contact the Office of State Procurement at central.procurement@maryland.gov for specific guidance.

Q: Will eMMA be used for all procurements, including intergovernmental agreements that are paid via interagency vouchers?

A: eMMA is available to all State entities to complete all types of procurements and is the formal platform for compliance with Maryland's statutory and regulatory procurement requirements (COMAR Title 21) for posting solicitations and contract awards. Posting requirements vary by type and authority; however, all types of procurements are able to be published in the system.