To bid on solicitations in eMMA, you need a registered vendor profile in eMMA. If you don’t have one, this Quick Reference Guide (QRG) shows you how to register as a vendor in eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA).

Once complete, eMMA checks to make sure no existing Vendor registrations match your profile in the system. You will receive an email from eMMA allowing you to log in and complete the registration process.

NOTE: eMMA permits or rejects Vendor Registration depending on the Vendor Tax ID status. Once you’ve submitted your Vendor profile, a green checkmark displays on the webpage to indicate that you’ve successfully registered your Vendor profile in eMMA.

 The green checkmark that confirms a successful registration.

NOTE: If a duplicate Vendor Tax ID already exists in the eMMA system, your Vendor profile will be rejected. You will be notified of the rejection via email and provided information regarding whom to contact. You may also reach out to the eMMA helpdesk at emma.helpdesk@maryland.gov .

 If you are awarded a solicitation in eMMA, the next step is to Onboard your vendor profile and make it Active. This is a state-initiated action that does not happen unless you’ve been awarded a solicitation.


NOTE: For best results, use the Google Chrome browser to access eMMA.


You will need your organization’s Tax Identification Number and company information to complete registration.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Vendor Registration

NOTE: This QRG uses diagrams with specific callouts to show required and optional fields in forms. A yellow callout with a red border    indicates a required field, while yellow callouts with a black border indicate optional fields. Letters within the callouts respond to the explanations below the diagram. A red asterisk * indicates a required field.

The following symbolThe i icon to indicate a tool-tip. may display beside the title of some of the form fields. Hover your cursor over the symbol to see a text popup with more information about the field.


  1. Access eMMA at emma.maryland.gov.
  2. Click on the New Vendor? Register Now option, located under the login window.
    The New Vendor? Register New button on the eMMA login page.
  3. Complete the form fields in the Company Information section. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).
    A diagram of the fields in the Company Information section.
    1. Legal Name*:   Enter the legal name of your organization. 
    2. Tax ID Type*: Select your tax ID type from the dropdown:
      EIN – Employer Identification Number
      SSN – Social Security Number
      Foreign – Foreign Tax ID
    3. Company Name (DBA: Doing Business As) *: Enter your company name, or if it operates under a DBA or Trade Name, in this field.

      NOTE: If you do not have a Company Name or DBA, reenter your Legal Name in this field.
    4. Tax ID*Enter your tax identification number.  Only enter numbers, do not enter special characters.   
    5. Do You Have a DUNS Number? & DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) *: 
      1. Select Yes, if your company has a DUNS number. The DUNS field to the right becomes mandatory. Enter your DUNS number in the DUNS field, as a 9 digit number with no hyphens or spaces.  If you do not have this information available, select the I Don’t Know option (you can update it after registration).  For more information about DUNS, or to look up your information, visit www.dnb.com/duns-number.html
      2.  Select No, if your company does not. A link displays instructing you to click the link to obtain a DUNS number. Obtaining a DUNS number is optional.
      3. Select I Don’t Know, if you are unsure. A link displays asking if you want to search or apply for your DUNS number. Obtaining a DUNS number is optional. 
    6. DUNS: If you have a DUNS number, enter it in this field. 
    7. Ownership Type *:   Select your ownership type from the dropdown: 
      NOTE: Hover over the The i icon that indicates a tool-tip in the interface.symbol beside Ownership Type to see the reference guide for ownership types.
      1. Corporation
      2. Government Entity
      3. Medical Corporation
      4. Attorney
      5. Foreign
      6. Sole Ownership
      7. Partnership
    8. Website: Enter your company website address.
    9. Business Description: Enter a short description of your business. This information can be updated at any time following registration.

  4. Complete the following fields in the Main Address section. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
    A diagram of the fields in the Main Address section.
    1. Address*: Enter the physical address of your organization. 
    2. Address Line 2: Use this line to enter additional address information such as office or suite number.
    3. Address Line 3: Use this line to enter mailing instructions (i.e. ATTN, C/O)
    4. City*: Enter the city where your business is located.
    5. State/Territory/Province*: Enter the state where your company is located.
    6. Postal Code*: Enter the zip code where your company is located.  
    7. Country*: This field automatically populates with United States.  Please be sure to change this if your business is in a country other than the United States.
    8. Corporate Email: Enter a general email address for your company. Email addresses for individuals within your company can be entered in the Contact Information section and when entering additional users on the business profile.  
    9. Corporate Phone*: Enter a main telephone number for your company. 
    10. Corporate Fax: If your company has one, enter the fax number.

  5. Complete the fields in the State Programs section under Procurement Programs. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). Use the dropdown menu to indicate if you would like to apply to any of the following programs:

    NOTE: Documentation supporting the SBR or VSBE process is collected from registered Vendors already enrolled in the eMMA program. Once you complete your registration and apply, appropriate credentials will be collected.

    A diagram of the two fields to apply for SBR and VSBE certifications.
    1. Small Business Reserve (SBR) *Would you like to apply for the SBR program?

      NOTE: To participate in the SBR program, Vendors must complete the State of Maryland certification process via eMMA.
      1.  Click the field and choose the Yes or No option from the dropdown menu:
        The Yes/No drop-down menu to apply for SBR.
        1. Select Yes from the dropdown list to apply for your SBR certification. This adds an SBR application to complete in the Documents tab of your profile to complete the self-certification process, once you’ve created your Vendor profile in eMMA.
        2. Select No if you do not want to obtain your Small Business Reserve (SBR) certification at this time.  You will still have the option to complete the certification process later.
    2. Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise (VSBE) *: Do you want to apply for the Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise (VSBE) Program? 

      To participate in the VSBE program, Vendors must complete the State of Maryland certification process via eMMA.
      1. Click the field and choose the Yes or No option from the dropdown menu:
        The Yes/No drop-down menu to apply for the VSBE Program.
        1. Select the No option if you do not want to obtain your VSBE certification now.  You can still apply for the VSBE Certification later if you choose. 
        2. Select Yes to initiate the VSBE certification process with the State of Maryland.  This adds an VSBE application to complete in the Documents tab of your profile to complete the self-certification process, once you’ve created your Vendor profile in eMMA.

  6. The Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) application process is held outside of eMMA. If you would like to apply for a MBE certificate and do not already have one, click the link provided on the webpage. Otherwise, skip to Step 7.

    NOTE: If you already have an MBE certificate, your information will auto-populate on the Diversity & Programs tab on your Company Information, once registration is complete.

    The link to apply for the MBE certificate. 
  7. Complete the fields in the Contact Information section. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

    NOTE: eMMA automatically assigns this contact the Vendor Admin role. The Vendor Admin role lets that user make changes to the Vendor Profile in eMMA. They will be the primary contact for this profile and will receive any email notifications sent out through eMMA. You can change the Vendor Admin after successfully registering and logging in.
      PRO TIP!! You can have more than one Vendor Admin. You can also add contacts and change which user holds the Vendor Admin role.

    A diagram of the fields in the Contact Information section.
    1. First Name*: Enter your first name.
    2. Last Name*: Enter your last name.
    3. Position*: Enter your current job position or title.
    4. Email*: Enter your email address.  This will be your user ID for eMMA.
    5. Confirm Email*: Re-enter your email address.
    6. Password*: Enter a login password for your profile. Passwords must include the following:
      At least one uppercase character,
      At least one lowercase character,
      At least one numeric character,
      At least one special character, and
      At least twelve characters.
      Hover over the i in a circle icon  beside the password field to review the password format.
    7. Confirm Password*: Re-enter the password you created. Be sure to retain this password for your records.

  8. Scroll down to the Vendor Declarations section and click the Product & Service Categories field to open the dropdown menu to search for commodity codes.
    These commodities are called the United Nations Standard Product & Service Codes (UNSPSC). Your company will receive email notifications for any contracting opportunities matching the selected UNSPS Codes. To learn more about UNSPSC visit https://www.unspsc.org/.
    The Product & Service Categories field.

  9. Scroll through the list and click any that you wish to receive notifications about. You are required to choose at least one code. Registered vendors can change their codes at any time. You can also enter a term in this field to search for a category.
    UNSPSC codes in the Product & Service Category drop-down menu. The categories you select will populate in the Product & ServiceCategories field.
    Commodities added to the Product & Service Categories field.

  10. (Optional) To add additional codes, repeat Step 9. Choose as many codes as apply to your business to increase the number of opportunities you receive through eMMA.

  11. (Optional) To remove selected codes, click the x to the right of the code in the window.The X to remove a commodity.

    NOTE: For more information on searching for and selecting UNSPSC codes, refer to the Understanding UNSPSC Video/Instruction Guide located at the GoToStage. Access GoToStage using the link: Go to Stage - for Vendors in eMMA.

  12. Select the areas your company serves using the dropdown menu in the Service Area section.

    IMPORTANT!! Selecting the areas you serve does not impact which solicitations you receive notifications for.
    1. Click on the State & Counties field to expand the dropdown menu and select each area that applies to your business.

      The State & Counties field.

    2. (Optional) If your company serves all of Maryland, you may select Maryland instead of each area individually.
      The Maryland option in the State & Counties drop-down menu.

      NOTE: Each area selected displays in the State & Counties field.

      Added service areas in the State & Counties field.

      NOTE: To remove a selected area, click the next to that area in the State & Counties field.
      The X to the right of an area.
    3. Click the screen anywhere outside of the State & Counties field to close the dropdown menu.

  13. Click the Register button at the top of the page when you are ready to submit.

    NOTE: You must complete all the required sections of the form before you can complete registration.
    The Register button.


You have completed your Vendor Registration and can now log into your Vendor profile in eMMA.

NOTE: If Vendor Registration is not successful, then you will be notified of that via email. 

The confirmation screen when you finish your vendor registration.

Next Steps

Next, log in and add commodity codes to your profile. This makes sure that you will be notified to bid on solicitations that are appropriate to your company offerings. Click the link below for instructions.